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The Terra Firma CMI organization has a long successful history on a wide scope of services particularly for delivery order construction. Terra Firma’s JOC Division has realized over 12 years of effective partnership working with several clients of government and public entities proudly serving as the respective firms’ Delivery Order Construction solution through multiple renewed terms. The Delivery Order Services team is an educated, established group with core values and goals to grow Terra Firma with a vision of being client centric. Gary Jensen is a strong principle whose vision and work has built a team focused on integrity and client satisfaction. These values are key elements of any testimonial of current and previous clients and are the building blocks on which the team structures its daily activity. In these challenging times where competition is ever growing it is critical to stand out in the crowd and that is exactly what Terra Firma CMI does as one of the few true Delivery Order Construction Services Contractors. With 12 years of Delivery Order experience and thousands of successfully completed projects, Terra Firma CMI is a clear choice to any organization seeking a qualified contractor partnership.

JOC today has more than a 25-year record of implementation within the Defense Department. Currently, there are hundreds of successful contracts going by the JOC name or by its counterparts of Delivery Order Contracting (DOC), Task Order Contracting (TOC) and Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABER). JOC deployment hasn't remained solely federal. The JOC concept and principles have been further embraced in all areas of publicly funded state facilities, universities, housing authorities, transportation agencies, and school systems. Not only public sector but also private sector facility owners are expanding the use and implementation of the JOC procurement system.

Florida Statute and Department of Education Rules provide for “piggyback” of existing contracts. Contact us today to learn how your organization can take advantage of existing contracts in other public entities and institutions.

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